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Once your payment have been verified it may take up to 24 hours to pack and ship your order. If your order is made after Friday 9am AEST then it may not ship until the following Monday morning. Orders made on public holidays will ship the next available business day. If your order is urgent and needs to be shipped the same day, please contact us at and/or submit a request through our contact page with the subject "URGENT". We can and will arrange express delivery at an additional cost.

Depending on your country's laws and regulations, you may be responsible for paying duties and taxes. These are levied when your order reaches your country. Generally orders made in Australia and the USA have no issues but please check with your local customs office if you are ordering from the UK, Continental Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. JDRT is not responsible for any import duties and/or taxes that are levied against your order. We unfortunately have no control over this. It's important for you to include your contact information (phone and email) so we can include this in your shipping note, giving customs officials an avenue to contact you once your package arrives.

Absolutely, make sure you choose express shipping at the checkout.


When you place your order, your confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided when you entered in your details. If your order has been processed, but you haven't received a confirmation then please send an email to and we will get back to you straight away!

If you receive an error message after you place your order, please make sure you review your credit card details including the number, expiry date and CVC code. Also make sure your address and billing information is correct. Please only click the “Place My Order” button once to avoid multiple your credit card being charged multiple times. If you continue to receive error messages, please get in contact with us at

Please get in contact with us immediately if you need to change your order. We process all orders within two hours. Once it leave our distribution centre we are unable to make any changes.

If you need to add anything to your order, please get in contact with us and we'll endeavour to make the changes, however once we've processed it and it leaves our distribution centre we are unable to alter the order.

If your order has been cancelled then it means our fraud filter has marked your card as fraudulent. If this is the case, please make a payment via PayPal.


We use a high grade, recycled stainless steel. specifically Type 316(L). It is a chromium-nickel stainless steel which contains around 2-3% molybdenum. The reason for this is that it increases the corrosion resistance, and increases it's strength at high temperatures. 316L stainless steel is very effective against corrosion caused by sulfuric, hydrochloric, acetic, formic and tartaric acids, as well as acid sulfates and alkaline chlorides. It is the most common steel used in the jewellery and watch industries.

We use a hardened, scratch resistant sapphire crystal which is made in Switzerland and is second in hardness only to diamonds. Most watches (apart from very high end watches) will simply use hardened mineral crystal as it's cheaper (and therefore the quality is greatly inferior). The reason we use sapphire crystal is for it's incredible durability. It is a slow, expensive and energy-intensive process to produce these crystals but the end result is that our watches will truly stand up to the knocks and rigours of daily life.

We use quartz movements in our watches, and the two countries that produce these are either Switzerland or Japan. After doing our research on both, we decided to use a Japanese movement from the Miyota company (a subdivision of the well-known Japanese watch company Citizen). The reason for this was that Citizen has a very well documented history of creating incredibly high quality quartz movements and has been developing watch movements since 1918. While Swiss companies are also well-known for their watch industry and accuracy in watch building, Japanese quartz movements are the same if not more accurate and cheaper. This means that we are able to pass those savings on to our customers, instead of you paying more just to have the term 'Swiss Movement' engraved on the back of your watch. When internally, the mechanism is exactly the same.

Every JDRT watch has a water resistance of 100M / 10ATM. What does this mean? Well, does 100M really mean 100M? In short, no :) Water resistance numbers in the watch industry are a little fuzzy. So we want to clear this up for you so you can use your JDRT watch to it's full extent.

First things first - don't wear your watch in the shower. Ever. This rule applies to our watches, all the way up to those eye watering $20,000 pieces that you see on the back covers of GQ and Vogue magazines. Steam will destroy all the seals in any watch and do more damage than any amount of water ever will.

Now, when you see the numbers 30M, 50M, 100M (or alternatively 3ATM, 5ATM, 10ATM etc) on the back of the watch, these are simply an indication of the pressure used to test the water resistance of the watch. What does this mean? The list below shows what each number means:

30M / 3ATM - Not suitable for showering, bathing, swimming, snorkelling, water related work and fishing. Basically don't let water get anywhere near your watch. This is the pressure to which most watches are tested, simply because it's cheaper.

50M / 5ATM- Congratulations, you can swim with it. But not for very long. Like, maybe 5 minutes. Probably best to take it off.

100M / 10ATM - Now we're talking. You're in snorkelling territory here. Suitable for recreational surfing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing and water sports.

We use a medical grade silicone in our watch straps. This means that if you have any allergies to rubber or latex then our bands are perfect. Many of our customers also work in the medical profession, as our slip-through strap design coupled with the medical grade silicone and 100M waterproofing means that our watches can be easily washed and sterilised while being worn at work.


Yes we have a 5 year manufacturers warranty on parts and movements. Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, scratched glass or accidental damage to the glass, damage to your watch strap, theft, or water damage. In order to process your warranty claim, we will need proof of purchase if your watch was purchased through one of our retail partners so please keep your receipt. If you've lost your receipt, please get in contact with us and we will endeavor to work out a solution with you.

You can return your watch to us within 30 days of delivery if you're unhappy with your product. It must be returned to us in it's original packaging and completely unused and undamaged. Get in touch with us at to speak with one of the team and we'll get a pre-paid label organised for you to send it right back to us.

Get in touch with us at and we'll get a replacement organised straight away. We photograph every watch before it's sent out in it's packaging, along with it's serial number so we can keep track of our parcels. It would help us if you're able to take a photograph of the damage and the caseback serial number to help us verify the watch condition when we sent it out.




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