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JDRT began in 2013 as a conversation between two mates who wanted to make something. To do something different. From this idea, Rhys and Joel began their side-project, which turned into hundreds of late night ideation sessions, which turned into a global mission to source the best materials, which turned into the watches we make today, which has turned into the most amazing journey we’ve ever been on and continue to enjoy.

We set out to create something we were proud of, and to disrupt the watch industry from the ground up. Each watch is handmade right here in Bondi Beach, using quality materials sourced and assembled from Australia and around the world. A JDRT owner is an adventurer, thinker, creator, doer, maker, mover and shaker who is constantly challenging the status-quo and always striving to make their world better. Our watches are made for people who are curious about the world and who, like time itself, never stop moving forward.

They are made from the highest quality stainless steel. The scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass is sourced from Switzerland where only the most durable, highest quality materials are used. The internal mechanisms, we use both Swiss and Japanese movements, are computer designed, made and finished. These two countries are renowned for their watchmaking history and skill, so you know you can rely on your JDRT timepiece. All of these parts are then transformed into the final product right here in Australia with our own two hands, pressure tested to 10 atmospheres so that every watch, on every wrist, can be trusted to be with you every step of the way.

We hope you love wearing your JDRT as much as we loved creating it.

 Rhys and Joel


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